Victor Hugo

One of the activities that are increasing are shopping online, called E-Commerce. This practice has grown in recent years, since a 70% growth in sales compared to year 2007 (2007 AMIPCI) is expected for 2008. The main sale is in the area of tourism, such as sale of airline tickets and reservations to hotels or travel packages. Internet sales are growing daily in popularity, although there is still mistrust among Internet users make purchases by this means, it is necessary to give the card data of credit to make purchases, which creates distrust. If it is important to take into account that they are trusted sites, and generally these pages they have certificates such as Verisign, which are constantly renewed to ensure that the data provided are safe. Currently many of the banking payments cannot be made also by Internet, such as bank transfers, credit cards own and third-party. Services payments can also be paid by Internet, direct debit is called, it is a service offered by banks to avoid the annoying lines at banks and go from one place to another. Banks also offer sites in order to pay taxes, this is especially beneficial for small taxpayers, who do not have large amounts to declare and are simple formalities.

I really consider myself a Netizen made and right. Nir Barzilai, M.D. spoke with conviction. For me the Internet is part of my daily life. There are so many things to see and do, and only have to reckon with a computer and connection to the Internet. I if I take advantage to make payment of my cards online, payment of taxes on the SAT, buy merchandise online that often comes out cheaper and found merchandise that sometimes we do not find in the local stores since it is imported goods. Perhaps we can say that it is something comfortable, but if I can avoid me the long rows of benches and safe that I will continue doing paperwork. Of course use instant messengers with whom I communicate with my distant, although not so much friends tempt Chat Rooms, I think that that stage for my already step. The Internet will continue to grow and of course I’ll be aware of all their news. We must take advantage of new technologies, clear without leaving that we catch in the Vice in which they can be converted.

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