The Well-being Life Of Germans (2)

Are the Germans really small renovation muffle? Part two of the large homesolute opinion study deals with future residential and establishment plans of the Germans. To unclamp the citizens on the one hand in their own personal OASIS, their homes, need: a couch, the (un) controversial favorite piece of furniture of the Germans. On the other a lot of houseplants, the absolute Favorites under the furnishings. To this result are the experts at in the first part of its large opinion study the well-being life of Germans”came. “The second part builds again on the surveys of the portal” on and sets after in part one of the Status Quo “in German households determined been is future facility projects of the German open.

In doing so, turn out the latter as a small renovation muffle and can appreciate still happy with their existing inventory. Why this is so, is available here. Berlin men: no appetite for new trends is the wall once yellowed or the Chair broken, a replacement must be willy-nilly. However the opinions diverge on new furnishing trends: almost half of the surveyed women interested in like current trends for the Interior, while 78 percent of men more reluctant to do this as well as 71 percent of the respondents Berlin. However, 59 percent of German make knowledgeable like of the latest interior design trends.

This is nationwide absolute awesome. New furniture: functional and appealing to the eye as to the new piece of furniture so actually look like? According to the lack of interest of new interior design trends, Germans also new furniture rather apply tried and tested: three quarters of the respondents can hardly for the inspired, what is now modern. Add to your understanding with Cushman and Wakefield. The request object is then found, it should meet two criteria for 92 percent of potential buyers: functionality and appearance. However, only 6.3 per cent indicate that the quality of the furniture in the foreground stands.

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