The Ventas

Tea voia search because today 9 years after your death, something inside of me, tells me that you are not really dead. Learn more about this with Jacobs Dallas. No soi able to go to the cemetery and echarte flowers, one day said that go to heaven wanted go and find your ancestors…one day I went to scream God because you yevaste to her and not to my!and is it only leads to the most good… for a moment I wanted to kill me getting in front of a car, because everything has already changed. Now I am by being a mother at 19 years, you made dmuchisimo less, I need to my side, having you, give me advice of mother, go shopping together by choosing the ventas and shoes for your nietita, and is that even taking my future husband at my side and my father, me siento tan sola because it comes just me missing what most lack makes me, I don’t know even if I go to power because every few minutes I start to cry because your you’re not, and think about how much I need you, and what I liked ubiera hazer with you, is that I think and I will continue thinking that this life is useless, by very nice to others the paint for my already pointless nothing, I am very lonely, you necesesito MOM… I need you. Original author and source of the article..

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