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Our dignity, our respect, our values, our behaviors and feelings for the sake of the other. The other I mean, that other, which is our dearest love. We support as codependent abuse, deception, insults, years has been observed the phenomenon of violence within the family, and specifically of men who assault their partners in particular. Codependency is characterized us dealing with another, and forget about ourselves. We are aware of their behaviors, their behaviors, their attitudes and deny our own assessments based on the other. Codependency is a way of relating. We live for each other. We give ourselves to make you happy.

We strive for their welfare, but in the background, we know that it will not work, but we can not detach ourselves. We desgarramos us heavily for their welfare and we forget ourselves. The reality is that if we do not take conscience about our own processes, not We can arrange our conditions, with the couple or not codependent persons depend not only on the couple. We depend also on the other, co-workers, friends, family. When situations of Codependence are given, we have surely been people we have suffered mistreatment, abuse and violence. Most importantly, recognize that we are codependent, and chose partners that allow us to do it. Accept and move forward is a possibility. Search for psychotherapy is another, to have someone who deposited all the fears and the penalties also consider it, perhaps worth wanting more himself thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life therefore, we have two new publications that you can download online also have launched new electronic material when love couple turns into pain. Original author and source of the article.

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