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Be punished in cases with the devastation. Ran across a family, a clan, if ascertained that they had stolen, raped. But in today’s Peru theft is punished with sentences benign, why criminals mischief around the clock, every day. Stealing is something that all considered legitimate, If you have a charge public, if you are a staff member, Mayor, President of the regional government. And what I say is not an exaggeration. There this Roger Rivadeneyra ex President of the CTAR LORETO, an inmate Guayabamba and accused of mismanagement during his tenure. NI to say of famous them thieves of the Fujimori era: Montesinos, Victor Joy Way, and an endless list of thieves neck and tie it would be idle to cite. Which steals endangers property, both of the State, as the community, therefore the incas were very severe to punish thieves.

The incas considered hateful that someone intended without work have what others got way legitimizes their work. Idleness is also another problem in Peru. And this I think I is the worst. The Peruvian of a foot, college students, school children see every day as people of dubious reputation, linked to drug trafficking, prostitution, they triumph, they manage to live with great economic solvency, they become artists on the major television networks. And these people are invited as if it were of celebrities to the major television channels, put your photos, your videos in all programs, causing great confusion in Peruvian society, which is told from one side in the school that: be honest, work, study is his duty, while the media tells you the opposite. The Peruvian media in its eagerness to televission end up putting on altars just to those who practice: vulgarity, prostitution, moral degradation, etc. Isn’t strange that the media take out terrible stories about artists linked to drug trafficking, and even things as degrading as the meretricio and those same media, then present them in their programmes as a consecrated star.

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