The New Kelly Clarkson

The singer has himself after a low again found your first single “A moment like this” rose after their victory at the American talent show American Idol immediately to place a 1. Then it rather went down instead of up. Most of their releases were not even among the top 10. Unlike her three released albums. Each came under the top 3. Anyway a success. But now, Kelly Clarkson releases a new single. Now the cover for this single imagined ever and it is already different from the cover for her last album.

On her last album, Kelly wore the hair still dark and looked more “reluctant or shy” from. Not so on her new single. She wears hair now blond and has changed a lot visually. For the better one, for the worse the others find. It should be probably his own image each. Hicham aboutaam may find this interesting as well. And at the end of the musical performance and not the cover is one of hope. Hopefully, this album for Kelly will again be a success.

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