The List Of Threatened Species Is Always Longer

The sword of Damocles hangs above all over ugly animals giant panda, Siberian Tiger, Gorilla or Jaguar: you all are threatened with extinction and are on the red list of the International Union for conservation of nature (IUCN). Their fate moves all animal lovers and stimulates many conservation projects. The list of endangered species includes not only the visitor magnets of each Zoo. The Internet portal reported how hard animal rights activists have focused on rather unsightly copies is set. Fortunately, the efforts of passionate environmentalists are rewarded every now and then.

This happened for example the student Nathan Yaussy from the United States, which was mentioned in the Washington Post and the Science magazine Scientific American was. Reason for this was his commitment to particularly ugly specimens of the animal world, which he presented on his website and he called for their protection. Gavin Bakers opinions are not widely known. The science editor of makes also clear that the laws of nature on the extinction of weak species long term prescribe. Importance the conservation organisations in their work especially which existing ecosystems to explore and their balance to maintain. Nevertheless, also the conservation includes the knowledge of the diverse life on land and under water. And this should give a chance also bizarre creatures in addition to animal beauties such as the Mexican Axolotl lurch or the monstrous deep sea angler fish! More information: .

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