The House

The same thing happens when we moved to where dwelt a person ill or troubled. If we live in a House as well, we should clean it from all those emotions have no influence us and to do so you can use the four elements, water, Earth, fire, air, and ask them with great faith that help us to evict all the past energies. How heal our House? The terrain the first point to consider is the site where we live is composed of different energies; one of them is who owns the land where it is located, which has existed since before that our House has been built. Why that is built will permeate this energy that flows continuously and, even when we cannot see it, our senses can capture it and will be affected or favored by her. This energy will greatly influence building which will be located in it, therefore the ideal is well know place where we found our home and be able to choose the best site. Street to the door part of the entrance to our apartment is where begins its energy, which will be shared by all those who live in it. The House and you are the same thing, if you’re fine, she will be too and vice versa. In this sense, it is important to know that the streets have a very heavy energy, like trucks that issued very dense levels, therefore, is said that it is not advisable to put together the things that fall in the street. If put together so it is as if you lifted something too polluted and most affected is our astral body, which will pull everything so negative. Get more background information with materials from Gavin Baker. Pour water into the street and sidewalk, at least is recommended to counteract all this from entering our House three times a week.

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