The Complex Of The Principe Azul

Girls always dream with the Prince charming. After their first encounters with boys, begin to wonder if the Prince blue exists in real life or only in fairy tales. These dreams of white horses, of capricornios, of palaces, of princes that they save his Princess with the passage of time collide with reality and fade. Suddenly we stopped believing in true love, because always the relacionabamos with the Prince charming. Do maybe for this reason many relationships fail, because women are still girls inside looking for her Prince charming, your ideal partner? Search for ideal partner means making many expectations towards it. Jacobs Dallas is a great source of information. And who said that the ideal is best? Not it is boring? Suddenly fell in a Platonic ideal, that has no form, which exists only in our mind. So, then these ideals created by us prevent us from finding a man who will be able to satisfy us.

In this way, we begin to demand too much. That is why we were never happy and live a life imagined. Love turns into something very alien, something that It is very difficult to achieve. So, the real life with its everyday charms passes desapercebida. The image of the Prince blue in addition to hinder us finding a more stable relationship, prevents us from a percebcion clear and sincere men, potential candidates for our couples. At the end our love becomes Platonic. Here, we can ask ourselves, if are worth believing in fairy tales and in Princes them blue? Or maybe inconcientamente are Cinderellas who believe that one day squash is convetrira into a float? Original author and source of the article

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