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The Act does not specify the nature of the force which acts upon a body, it may be the frictional force or the wind exerted on the sails of a boat, we also find that if we know the acceleration of a body, we can calculate its velocity and displacement as a function of time. So far identified three forces in nature that are fundamentally different from each other by their origin and magnitude. I hope you teachers and students find yourselves more than three causes. 1) The gravitational force, 2) the electromagnetic force, 3) and nuclear forces. consider the motion of a freely falling body. The direction of motion coincides with the direction of the field. As the field strength is given by the expression.

G = F / M, F = MG. And in such conditions, the body falls under the action of a constant force, which means that its motion is uniformly accelerated. When the body is thrown vertically upwards, acting on the force exerted by the gravitational field that gives it an acceleration in the opposite direction to its motion and as a consequence, the rate of ascent of the body tapers gradually to zero. And the body is at its highest point since the movement changes direction and the body falls. You can see that these forces are evident from the consequences of movement.

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