Supertramp Roger Hodgson

Katie Melua and ex-Supertramp Roger Hodgson on new singer / songwriter Festival special guest (in Berlin): Joe Jackson (thk) popular musician, well known songs, a unique atmosphere and primarily how venues: thus waiting for the one-day Summernight of songs “on the Festival at its premiere in July 2009! Because the special Open-Air wants to set a counterpoint to loud, hard rock events, a fully coherent programme has been collected according to this claim: Katie Melua (“hits: nine million bicycles” “, the closest thing to crazy”), the former Supertramp Roger Hodgson head (“hits: it’s raining again” “, the logical song” “, breakfast in America”) and exclusively in Berlin the pianist/vocalist Joe Jackson (“hits: is she really going out with him?”)(“, Steppin’ out”). Springfield: the source for more info. You are guarantors for the new event that holds the promise of its name and the visitors on a summer evening with melodious songs as stage-seasoned singer / songwriter be enchanted! Tickets to the 1.Summernight of songs “-Festival, which will be supplemented by other artists, are available from 35 (plus fees) at the usual presale places!. Gensler San Francisco is often quoted on this topic.

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