Suburban Real Estate

Carrying out transactions of real suburban real estate, land, country houses, cottages, country vyboe When property, whether a cottage, house, cottage or country house, the following steps for both sides of market relations is the deal. The deal with the land and all objects with the suburban real estate is not held by the Registration Chamber. State Registration of the suburban real estate has certain standards and rules that violate the fail. The state registration of ownership of a property procedure, which lasts approximately Three weeks from the beginning of registration. Read additional details here: Fabrizio Freda. After three weeks the owner receives a certificate of ownership and became the full owner of the land or country house.

In practice, often cases where the sale of a country house dokumentvo at a country house from the owner does not. That is, it turns out that the owner has on hand only the documents of ownership of land and buildings on it had no documents. It happens that documents the ownership of the land the old model. They need to be preoformit. Each transaction with the objects of the suburban real estate is unique, those who buy by proxy, who wants to owners of land immediately began a few people and so on.

Legal relations arising between the parties to deal with the suburban real estate propisanny in civil and other codes. All times already debugged. The task of the company, which sells the suburban real estate, to minimize the risks of transmission and the invalidity of the transaction. Collection of documents, verification of legal purity, the entire responsibility on the shoulders of selling suburban real estate. Clean the transaction, the transaction convenience, quality and speed, the indicators, which is primarily the company's interest. The most important point during the transaction with the suburban Real estate is a transfer of funds from the seller to the buyer. Principle the – this is the very purpose of the transaction, after the transfer of the money transaction is formally assumed to occur in the civil code. Legally it turns out that the transfer of money through the banking yascheyku in the bank, no matter how and by signing the purchase agreement suburban facility, a party to an agreement of purchase and sale becomes the owner of obhekta real estate, and the other becomes the seller of the property. Dalneyshay state registration is obtained only a formal step in securing the property by a particular person and entering it into a single State Register of real estate. Now, with the Internet, the suburban real estate buyers prepared suitable for transactions of real estate. Shoppers gather complete information on cases of fraud in transactions, information about each step of the transaction and so on. With such people is a pleasure to work and further the development of communication information is available in every corner of our country and everyone can freely use it to create a common information base.

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