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This one is elaborated considering measurable ratios of stability and in accordance with the criteria demanded by the Spanish Association of Franchisors for the allocation to its members of the category of tax exemption of right plenary session, and even by the own Spanish legislation, in its consideration of consolidated tax exemption in which it is demanded to present/display a global sizing in his chains of more than four units of business, of which, like minimum, two are franchise-holders and initiated salary its expansion in tax exemption makes at least two exercises. The report contributes like data more excellent than the growth of the number of chains has slowed down in 2011, operating in Spain a total of 887 consolidated tax exemptions, as soon as a 2.2% more than in 2010, and of which 84.4% are tax exemptions of Spanish origin. These 887 standards of the census elaborated by the consultancy they integrate a total of 58,331 businesses, a 1.4% more of the existing ones in 2010, and of which 76% respond to businesses franchise-holders, proportion that, like it happened in 2010, has continued being reduced (a 0.6% less). On the contrary, the number of own units increased with respect to the year last in a 8.0%, which indicates that the Spanish tax exemptions have continued their growth abriendo new businesses and that units have maintained their networks repurchasing franchise-holders to avoid closings. In terms of invoicing, the sector of the tax exemption reached a number of 17,642 million Euros, a 2.6% inferior to the invoiced one in 2010. Still having itself reduced the invoicing, the tax exemption presents/displays a minor fallen in sales that the retail commerce generally, that in November of 2011 based its inter-annual reduction in a 7.2%.

This has done, in addition, that the tax exemption continues showing its character of self-employment formula since at the end of 2011 it employed 207 thousand people, which supposes 11.5% of the use of the retail commerce and an increase of 2.0% on the volume of 2010 hiring. By Autonnomas Communities, the Madrilenian follows maintaining greater number of power stations of tax exemption with 214 standards, 24.1% of the total of the consolidated chains at the top. She follows Catalonia with a 20.4% and 181 chains, Valencian Community with 116 chains and one quota to him of 13% and Andalusia with 84 networks, 9.5%. As far as standards of other countries working in Spain, they operate 138 tax exemptions of foreign origin, a 6.15% more than those than occurred at the end of the last year, and that come mainly from the markets of greater trajectory in the matter of tax exemptions: The United States and France. Italian, Portuguese, German and British the market constitutes the origin of half hundred of chains in Spain. mundoFranquicia Consulting is a company specialized in making consultancy of the highest quality for all those organizations whom a suitable formula of business and growth see in the tax exemption. Through its special one attention to the client and a methodology widely proven in a great number of projects, works to develop companies of success in their expansive processes in tax exemption. The success of this company has taken to him has to be present in cities like Madrid, Saragossa, Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, Valencia, Seville, Vigo, Pamplona, Valladolid, Barcelona and Buenos Aires.

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