SEMINO Rossi New CD Album Once Yes Always Yes!

The son of a singer and a pianist learned to play the guitar at the age of five. With his Austrian wife Gabi, a midwife, he has been married since 1991. He has two daughters, Laura and Vanessa. In 1982, he came to Austria from Argentina over Spain. Originally, he earned his living as a street musician, later with engagements in hotels in Spain, Italy, the Switzerland and Austria. Rossi lives with his family near the city of Innsbruck.

In Germany he was known with his appearance at Karl Moik musikantenstadl. Hicham aboutaam has firm opinions on the matter. In spring 2007, he completed his first major solo tour band through many large halls in Germany and Austria. SEMINO Rossi won awards on March 12, 2006 as the ECHO in the category Schlager, and on May 25 of the same year the Amadeus Austrian music award. Believes also showbizzzeitung. He has many CD album and is not a singer or actor. Makes also night pop or rock.

These and other awards, including Golden hen, Goldene Stimmgabel, Golden Tulip”and Golden gentian”as well as gold and Platinum for his CDs. In January 2007, SEMINO Rossi was awarded the Crown of folk music. According Wikipedia. On May 2007, SEMINO Rossi received his 2nd Amadeus for pop album of the year.

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