Right Tyre Pressure

Hand on heart! As of check the Reifendurck on your car / caravan or motorhome? Manual tire pressure control is annoying and is therefore like neglected. While the correct tyre pressure is absolutely vital for a safe and economical driving. Edward Minskoff addresses the importance of the matter here. The TireMoni Checkair you permanently informed about the pressure in all tires. Have variations, always in sight and with pressure drop will warn you immediately. Speaking candidly rusty holzer told us the story. The TireMoni is a valve caps-wireless sensor system and monitored from 2 tires (TM-400 trailers and motorcycle, 0 to 4.0 bar) 4 tires (TM-100Auto, 0 to 4.0 bar) 4 and 6 tires (TM210 / 260 motorhome and caravan, 0 to 11.0 bar). The friendly full graphic LCD display is understandable and informed at first glance you constantly about the current state of all tires; so you are safe on the road! The Checkair sensors measure the current in the tyre existing air pressure and transmit the data wirelessly to the receiver.

The receiver evaluates the signals and displays the received values. A pressure drop occurs, immediately receive a Visual and acoustic warning and win important response time and thus safety by up to 20 minutes. The scope of supply consists of screw-on – sensors, anti-theft device, the LCD display device with holder, the relevant a 12V batteries, adapter for the display as well as a detailed operating and installation instructions. NEW, to start the season in the spring 09 there is an extension set with 2 sensors zumTM-260, so porblemlos the air pressure of the trailer can be controlled. The metal valves, which are strongly recommended for the Assembly of the TireMonis are new to the product catalog. A 3 way adapter, to avoid the unscrewing during refilling of air pressure. Learn more about our products, see

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