In my life was the situation when urgently needed a gift, but then there was just a lot of "buts". He was supposed to be original, we can say that he should be individual and exclusive, but at the same time functional, rather than just a souvenir. Thing would be, according to my notions, and beautiful to attract attention, she always had to be in sight. I wanted my gift to have seen all that the man he intended, was glad to see him genuinely, and not tossed on the shelf "for the kind of" duty betraying a smile. And last but very important, this person was a woman, which I am very pleased, but not yet reciprocated. Our relationship were at the level of good friends, but not close, but I just wanted to get close to her. In a word, I puzzled what to give your favorite birthday, so she understood my feelings, to accept my gift and I was at the same time. Shoveled half of the global network, I found many options for how to arrange surprise her as a present, how to make a gift with his own hands (which in general is ridiculous in my situation).

In general, having lost all hope at least something to surprise the one that is dear to me, I accidentally stumbled upon a site which offers a beautiful mobile phone, stones and painted with various patterns. The choice was so rich that I ran my eyes! It was like just what I need. Necessary thing, which is neither of whom! Exclusive and gorgeous! Moreover, the master at work can do whatever he wants with the client – any image, name or anything else. In short, everything for you, only you smile! Came a day X, when I had to present a selected mobile phone that had been dreaming the last few months. Birthday celebration was in the cafe, guests had already gathered, and I lingered with the gift. For some reason Last time I felt that I should not have started this adventure with an exclusive phone, but had nowhere to retreat, and the gift was given. Such a reaction I did not expect, even in my wildest dreams. All guests in one voice asserted that apparatus is incomparable, that such things are never seen, and women almost immediately began to demand from their husbands at least something similar.

If you tell everything in detail, it is not enough for ten pages, but I can say that after this gift, the woman I dreamed of, finally, drew attention to me not just as a friend. The whole night we were there. Although why the evening? We are together until now. Now we are happy together, and the day of birth, I made a happy his favorite. For several months she has not parted with my gift and still can not stop looking at him. I must say, I can see, with some envy of her friends at this masterpiece and I am glad that once managed to still find among the millions of Internet pages that I really need. If you got interested, go here and you will understand that you need your spouse.

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