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In the middle ages were the Arabs who introduced Alchemy in Europe. He cultivated with great passion. At that time the alchemists were hiding their names, attributing his works to his writings predate celebrities. In Rome the State condemned to death who math ancient cultivated, physics and chemistry; represented by astrologers, magicians and other sectarians of the occult sciences. Were prohibited from owning books dealing with these issues; to who found them, retreating and were publicly burned and their owners were sentenced to death. The code of Theodosius sent to burn such books in the presence of the bishops and the same fate ran their authors. So were destroyed the treaties of Alchemy ordered by Diocletian, and conducted cruel killings of their followers in Egypt. During the Middle Ages they were accused of magicians and alchemists, all those who cultivated the physico-chemical sciences.

In the Renaissance, arriving in the 15th century, the Bishop of Prague was pursued by Alchemist, by the Council of Constance. Fanatical alchemists for his studies, all sacrificed, his honor, his riches, health, family, their existence, for the triumph of what they believed an unchanging truth, dying of starvation in prison. As a result of these persecutions, came from the tendency of the alchemists of attributing his works to powerful or famous authors who resguardaran them of the cruelty of the laws. Since antiquity that engaged in extraction and metal works were viewed as magicians and lovely; given that metallurgical arts, with its surprising operations, in which matter seemed to change appearance by acquiring new properties, it was believed that they transpasaban the limits of human power. This motivated the ancient authors as Zosimus and Tertullian attributed to fallen angels the breakthrough of Alchemy.

Natural science in those days were presented as a weapon of double edge, suitable for the good and evil; use them as those who possessed the secrets. Thus the art of metals was very useful for the industry, but also served to manufacture counterfeit coins; knowledge of the properties of plants although was useful for curing diseases, also sevia to make magic filters and to prepare deadly poisons. Here the tendency to look at the crop of these sciences as a sacrilege, attempting against the prerogatives of God and as a usurpation to the functions of the State. In you will find articles of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development: health, computing, entertainment, sports, languages, painting, labour output and more.

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