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Many people living in the United States have family and friends in Latin America who like them support with money when the economic situation of the sender permits. That said, is extremely resonant find services where charges for sending money is low, so that the capital that is sends can be used to the maximum by their loved ones. If you are one of those humanitarian people, who believed in the comfort of their loved ones, pay attention that here will mention an alternative way, that my I have worked enormously, to send money to my loved routinely or simply in emergency situations or on occasions special. It is key to admit that before making a remittance must be verify and compare the type of change in this way one this insurance that the beneficiary of his sent will take the largest number of pesos for every possible dollar. Information is power. Fortunately, no longer live in times where there is only one company that monopolizes the market of money transfers (although this seems) and manages to keep the high operation costs.

Today there are many options, contributing to that money transfer costs is very small. The advised method, that my I have been fruitful, and I wish them sharing due to the great benefit that I have seen is with a card prepaid for use only in ATMs, the rotation has a small cost of only $5. Your family member are you sent by Messaging ATM card and one can begin to deposit capital in the card the same day which was rotated, since one creates an account with the service that gives it. The beneficiary of your remittance can withdraw cash in pesos at any ATM of your locality. For example, in Mexico more than 39,000 branch there which offers many advantages and gives flexibility when choosing where withdraw capital.

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