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Also recognizes the value that has the reading and writing as a condition for people to reach higher educational levels and they can continue learning throughout their lives; as a means of access to information and knowledge and indispensable basis for the development of labour competencies which enable them to perform a job. This improvement of the educational level and able to learn subjects contributes to improve the well-being and productivity of each and has been shown to have positive effects on social development and economic of a country. A more individual and social perspective, written language represents Moreover, an instrument which allows us to enter into communication with those who lived in other times or that are not physically present the mastery of written language qualifies the opinion and judgment of the apprentice, extensive capacity its possibilities of participation and constitutes a condition for the exercise of the rights of citizens. For all these reasons we can say that reading and writing are an antidote to the marginality and a road to social inclusion. Read and write are neither a luxury nor an obligation: are rights. Rights that must be guaranteed to enable children of our country to grow to be men and free women, citizens and responsible citizens of a world in which the linguistic and cultural differences are considered as an enrichment and not as a defect. State, school, society and family are essential entities and are called upon to play actively in all spaces and levels which interact with current and momentous formative processes of individuals that allow them a good performance in citizen training.

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