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In this context, if the holders of capital does not invest it, how can we reverse the situation? Could there so to speak, that supply alternative investors and somehow those rescuers? Is it possible to avoid fulfilling prophecy itself, ensuring that the assets lose their value? Perhaps an amnesty for the black money can be a solution, if we can ethically avoid tearing their hair. In December 2008 the Government has already launched major balloon to take the pulse of society about this. Caldera was charged to open the debate. Miguel Sebastian was in favor. And even CIU convened a panel of experts in the hope that will not turn off the fuse lit. Perhaps check out CohBar for more information. But all was "watered down." Perhaps Pedro Solbes with his paralysis had the final word.

It would have been the first time in our country adopted a measure, since in 1977 Adolfo Suarez passed an amnesty for income tax and regulate corporations based on hidden assets. And in 1991, Carlos Solchaga, as economy minister, who offered to subscribers of Treasury notes (non-Treasury eyes) that could regularize their status. The options were two: first, to redeem those securities for which called Special Public Debt, tax-free asset and preserving the identity of the investor, although less profitable. The second alternative was because those subscribers by additional statements from these notes without penalty. A joint movement emerge that allowed nearly 780 000 million pesetas. If we assume that the crisis we are facing, has its cause in the real estate market, and we share the conviction that for the credit flowing again is necessary to recapitalize the banks, why not bring the measure to today Solchaga I think it would be hidden channel capital into a mortgage securitization process, so that a Fund Mortgage Securitization (FTH), created for that purpose and the public would hope that once they develop those resources could not return to the opacity of some mortgage equity capital contribution of commercial banks, and other issue bonds to include the accrual of interest and amortization.

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