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The Madrid March has ended with the reading of a manifesto read by the actors Monica Garcia and Jose Gamo that qualifies the undemocratic change. 4,843 People have attended the demonstration. Barcelona, 15-M has tried to boycott the demonstration. The demonstration Tuesday by unions and some 200 social organizations in Madrid against the reform of the Constitution that limits the deficit has ended in the Puerta del Sol with the reading of a manifesto read by the actors Monica Garcia and Jose Gamo that qualifies this undemocratic change. Also several hundreds of young people belonging to the 15-M movement entered into the central square chanting the slogan of another banner that read: unions: thank you for coming. Then they did a sit-in.

In the manifesto, the conveners ask Senators to not support this Wednesday the reform in its parliamentary procedure and that citizenship is to decide on rrendum. With phrases as well, this does not have unqualified intolerable that a reform of significance will be approved in fifteen days stealing citizens the ability to speak out and have ensured that it is a serious violation of democracy and popular sovereignty. The manifest adds that constitutional reform is a break with the consensus on which Magna Carta was drawn up in 1978 and denounces having a conservative ideological sign. If you would like to know more about Jorge Perez, then click here. In addition, he argues that it is unnecessary, undesirable and useless and puts at grave risk, benefits and public services of the welfare State, at the time that blame the strong public deficit not only to the recession and real estate speculation, but also to the regressive tax reforms undertaken in the last fifteen years. In this respect, they underline the unfair tax system and ask the Government a deep reform that is progressive.

In the manifesto, trade union organisations and social organizers of the demonstration have also shown their solidarity and total support to teachers of the public education before the spending cuts that have announced some autonomous communities such as Madrid, Castilla – La Mancha, Catalonia, Galicia or Navarre. On the latest labour measures approved by the Executive, such as training or chaining of temporary contracts, contracts the conveners have criticized as a bet by the precariousness. 4,843 People have attended the demonstration, according to the ctuado calculation by the company Lynce for the Agency. Unions spoke of 25,000 people. March in Barcelona other similar marches have been repeated in other cities in Spain, Barcelona being the most numerous. According to the Guardia Urbana, about 5,000 people have joined the protest, while trade unions up to 20,000 protesters raise the figure. The festive March has been overshadowed by the presence of about 30 activists from the 15-M, who have tried to boycott the Trade Union protest. Before the start of the March, they placed a few minutes in front of the head of the demonstration and they have staged moments of tension, dialectical dispute and even jostling with members of the security cordon provided by the organization. Shouting do not represent us, sold and leaving the Trade Union, join the fight of the outraged, trade unionists have responded with the people, United, never be defeated. The unit motto against the reform of the Constitution #yoquierovotar, the March started with more than half an hour delay in the plaza de Urquinaona in Barcelona and has changed its trajectory for organizational reasons, according to the unions, to finish outside the headquarters of Correos, in the same Via Laietana, instead of in Pla de Palau. Source of the news: thousands of people are manifested in Spain against the reform of the Constitution

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