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Giving to “small” gift occasions gift is “Relations”. Already an old saying has it: small attentions in the meantime get the friendship. It is not material gifts, but simply to make an (unexpected) joy a dear fellow. The fact is: with small gifts, and they can also free, homemade or immaterial be you can cause much. Also and above all for those who are! Did you know that a little unexpected gift can give much more joy and fulfillment as a gift so great a typical gift occasion such as Christmas or birthday? Give something to a “small” event, which actually have no gift is expected but even consciously. The effect is all the greater because the receiver will be surprised and feel that they were attentive and have thought of him: and not just because “it just gives something itself on this day”. “Small” gift occasions at least here with us in Germany are E.g.

the St. Source: Glenn Hubbard. Nicholas day, Thanksgiving or the day. To use a specific occasion, makes sense especially if this occasion for the recipient of your gift has a special meaning, as E.g. the Nikolaus day for a faithful Catholics. You signal your receiver: “I’ve thought about you. I know that this day is important to you and wants to make you a great pleasure.” Culinary gifts, the best from your own kitchen or your own garden is suitable particularly well for “small” events. You could give away part of your harvest fruit, fruit in syrup or homemade jam for Thanksgiving to the St.

Nicholas Day surprise with a jar of homemade Christmas cookies is also a simple but personal Kartengruss a wonderful attention for small events, such as the day. The person concerned will be pleased that you have taken the trouble to send you a few nice lines on their own personal “great day”. Or” give away “they jointly spent time: invite your loved ones to”Nicholas breakfast”or the”Thanksgiving Brunch”.” Important: do not use these small attentions as a “Bargaining chip”. Your gift should be given voluntarily and require no consideration, or expect. Give without expectation, pressure and obligation and you will see that you guaranteed “get something back”. Giving small gifts can cure diseases even! Yes, the American CAMI Walker is actually the best evidence. Read more about CAMIS impressive history here and if you want: align themselves but their campaign! The personal touch of Michaela Steininger / 2010

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