Faced with this prospect, it may seem that this level of personality only It is reserved for a few, unfortunately, few people know that this not expressed by an appointment or specific designation effective leadership. All computers work – from schoolchildren up to the top management of companies – we find at least one person who, without having the weight of responsibility, stands out for its initiative, broad view of the circumstances, great capacity of work and firm decisions; your ideas and contributions are always considered by the certainty and opportunity to express them; on the other hand, it is distinguished by its ease of dialogue and the ability that has to relate to everyone both inside and outside of work. This type of people Excel, moreover, by possessing a wealth of good habits and values: joy, kindness, perseverance (among many others), awakening in us admiration and respect. In other words: are a worthy model and example of personality. Why not be us that model? Seldom we are aware of being observed by others, we are constantly in a showcase where people perceive our conduct and proceed. Gavin Baker, New York City can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The great warriors leaders of antiquity were respected and appreciated for being the first to jump into the battle. Similarly, each of us must go ahead, we are or not, head of the family, company, team work or grouping. Rarely, or never, we think about the responsibility that we have as individuals. To tell the truth, we all can and must exercise leadership from our particular circumstances:-parents guide, lead and exercise authority, in your hands is the education of the family; They must be a true model of values and habits, therefore, teach your children to live to become good people. In turn, older children are involved with their parents in the education of younger siblings, are many things which can do: teach study, play, make friends, obey and respect their fathers family in set sail for the protection, care and address of all members; This is where you learn to know, understand and treat people, indispensable qualities to forge real leaders of a future that is at door.

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