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The dental practice of Neumann Berlin informed endangered a disease of the tooth’s root system, sometimes accompanied by severe pain, the health of the patients. (A valuable related resource: Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning). To avoid tooth loss, she must be treated urgently. How do root canal treatment, portrays Neumann Berlin dentist practice. The functioning of the human dentition is made from living tissue to a considerable extent. Even the seemingly massive external teeth are crossed by a fine network of channels in the pulp of the tooth marks of blood and nerve vessels, is located. Go to hicham aboutaam for more information. Caused inflammation in the tooth pulp or tooth holding apparatus, it falls within the dental Endodontics area to treat them, and to counteract the irreversible loss of the tooth. The most common end-odontological treatment is the root canal treatment. As a side effect of tooth decay, accidents and dental surgery, it may cause inflammatory infection of the tooth marks. The living tissue inside the tooth measures when compared to other body tissues effective defense mechanisms. For this reason his self healing power is not sufficient sometimes to cure infections of teeth marks. To handle the harmful infection of root canal tissue, is due to the fine, branching channel structures quite complicated. Nevertheless, allow a treatment that prevents an otherwise inevitable tooth extraction methods of modern dentistry. The modern root canal treatment should receive permanent inwardly diseased teeth in several steps. First, the affected tooth using a blanket, the so-called Kofferdamtuch, of the remaining space of the mouth must be insulated. This is to avoid that in the further course of treatment bacteria from the saliva of the patients in the opened tooth channels penetrate and destroy the success of the treatment. Also the rubber dam, the pharyngeal cavity of patients protects a contact with the rinses necessary for the root canal treatment. The treatment preparations are completed, the attending dentist provides access carefully to the duct system in the Tooth inside. The protection of tooth substance often requires a very accurate approach, using optical magnification AIDS. The dentist with high-precision hand instruments and NiTi instruments for machining gained access to the root canal system, he removes the infected pulp and cleans the fine channels with disinfectant washes bacteria and contaminants. The residue-free cleaning of root canals is of great importance, to prevent new infections. For this reason, there is a precise determination of the root canal length of great importance. It is determined by x-rays or electrometric measurement techniques. In more complex cases, it may be necessary to use several treatment dates, between which a drug intermediate liner is placed in the tooth, kills the bacteria. In the course of cleaning the narrow root canals are extended carefully on the final step, to prepare the root canal filling. After completion of the cleaning and extension of dental root canals are filled the resulting cavities inside the tooth with a mixture of natural gutta percha and sealing cement as well as outward completed a deck filled with. Andreas Neumann is engaged as a dentist experienced in Endodontics with professional advice and treatment for the permanent tooth preservation of his patients. He gladly provides further information on this topic. Press contact dentist Neumann Andreas Neumann Hauptstrasse 87 12159 Berlin Tel: 030-850 762 40 fax: 030-850 762 39 E-Mail: website:

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