Emotions are the key to sales success. Because customers buy any products or services, but always a good feeling, so sales trainer Ingo Vogel. Why are some advisors and sellers much more successful than the average? How do you manage, to inspire customers much faster for your offer and thus to achieve higher sales? It’s simple: This exception seller practice ‘Emotional sell’. They have understood that the customer always “buy themselves”, i.e. the good feeling, the enthusiasm, authenticity and passion that broadcast yourself.

Then, the (emotional) benefits of the provision and the benefits that it promises him personally buys the customers. The latest findings of brain research and neuro marketing show this connection. It is becoming increasingly clear that given the increasing comparability of offers in the future only those sellers will be successful, emotionally convincing its customers, because: emotions control to more than 70 to 80 %(unbewusst) our decisions reach our consciousness about 0.00004% of all information. The rest is unconsciously by the brain in behavior there is no purely rational decision. Rationality is highly emotional and is our desire to make things manageable, predictable of rational, reasonable customer is therefore probably a myth no emotions, no sales! Decisions without emotions are worthless for the brain! An offer is attractive, if it appeals to many emotions. Everything we perceive is evaluated emotionally. The facial expressions will decide: we are friend or foe? That was when our ancestors so.

Our brain loves and saves images. The brain works in 3 seconds. Brain-friendly language therefore means: short words, simple phrases. And: as we speak, delivers the emotions. People love brands. Brand recognition connect emotional message. They provide confidence and facilitate the decision. Three great emotion systems determine balance us: strongest force, safety/peace/harmony wants dominance: wants to prevail, be strong/better, exercise power stimulant: looking for new, unknown stimuli and reward, will be different, no boredom feeling each man a different emotion system is dominant, due to its individuality,. We don’t do what we want – but we want, what we are doing! Even “conscious” decisions in the cerebral cortex are before influenced by unconscious structures in the ancient limbic system! Emotional competence of staff will develop therefore probably the decisive competitive advantage or even the unique feature of successful companies, the sole advantage of the product is obsolete. Probably one who is timely in this vital area to the market leader.

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