The auction house of new generation, Internet presence be expanded and embellished with a new page layout and a transparenterem sight. Under the slogan, your satisfaction is our success” of the criticism of the customers has adopted and developed a much more customer-friendly and simpler auction overview. The layout is much clearer and easier of the complete construction. The various auctions with new labels that are equal at first glance the auction type the customer suggests. “” The forms of auction end price remain free”(here, the customer pays only the cost of the bid), fixed price auction” (here he pays a reduced fixed price) and rising auction “(similar to a normal auction, but with smaller bid increments) receive. Add to your understanding with Dior. This offers 3 new auction types. The practice (demo auction) it serves the customers, as the name already describes, to practice and make known the different auction forms. One dough er auction is only for new customers or to bid for those who have not made it an article.

Smaller items are offered in this type of auction, the participants in selected and reduced, but they offer an increased chance of success for the customer. Bidbackauktion-here gets credited last bidder, so the winner of the auction, a percentage of its invested bids again on account of his bid. For this purpose, the customer decides how many commandments he wants to buy and is rewarded even with a volume discounts of up to 30%. As usual the action of each new customer gets 10 free bids”received and gives the customers the possibility to save even more than that.

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