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Apart from this requirement shall not require exhaustion of administrative remedies that may exist , the budget so that the applicants complied with the notarized letter addressed to the Regional Director of Education dated October 12, two thousand one, requiring payment of the bonus prepared by the Emergency Ordinance 037-94 Nu-PCM, therefore does not apply the exhaustion of the previous tracks in the case concrete; NINTH: That the letter of six hundred thirty-eight folio, dated April 11, two thousand three, the Regional Director of Education, San Martin, the judge realizes that has been paying the plaintiffs the benefit they Emergency Decree gives Nu-PCM 037-94, pending payment of the accrued from July 1994 until September 2001, the same procedure was applied in the area of Ayacucho and Amazon regions, according to Resolution Regional Director’s Nu 01 256 dated June 11, two thousand and resolution of Nu 0646-2001-CTAR-AMAZONAS/ED Sector Regional Directorate dated May 30, two thousand one, who are at page sixty, sixty-three auto0s sixty-four; TEN: That elevated the cause in consultation with the Constitutional Court and Social Supreme Court, which issued its ruling dated April 18, two thousand five, which runs on pages 2722-2 1724 stating: In its fifth paragraph: that a (a ) the Civil Chamber of Moyobamba consultation regarding the review of the constitutionality of subsection d) of article seventh of the Emergency Decree 037-94 Nu, pointing out that not include in this emergency decree public servants and redundant assets that have received increased by order of Supreme Decrees 019-94A Nu “PCM, 46 EF-94-59-94-PCM, and Nu Legislative Decree 559, and in the sixth paragraph: refers a que is relevant to take into account the criteria set by the Constitutional Court with regard to enforcement actions brought in the implementation of the Emergency Decree 037-94, PCM, so the sentence declared null consulted dated March 15 of two thousand two, which states founded the demand and ordered the court of origin issuing new resolution in accordance with the preceding paragraphs; ELEVENTH .- That, in relation to enforcement action, which is the subject of this process, the Constitutional Court has spoken sentence passed on favorably by the record number twelve 2616-2004-AC/TC dated September of two thousand five, which runs at page two thousand seven hundred thirty-five, having been required under the heading a Criterios developed by the Constitutional Court under the Emergency Ordinance 037-94 Nu-PCM, the following: Background 2) says: a En a time when the Constitutional Court under the Emergency Decree number 037-94, PCM could not be applied to any server active management or loss already perceived the marked increase in the Presidential Decree 019-94 Nu-PCM, as established by the decree itself 037-94 emergency number in your item, as stated in the sentence passed on the record number 3654-2004-AA/TCa . . . Spencer Breslin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

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