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That there is a similar services in the form of so-called Concierge services are, don’t mind Olivia Springer, service employee at the Comfortmanager. “Such a Concierge is always present in”his”House and must also be paid, has a price – and is quite high. “Our, however, a very broad Leistungsspekturm, offers the tenant costs only 20 cents per square feet of living space.” The Leipzig service specialist does not also overlap with House calls and nursing services. Such offers are directed towards emergencies and illnesses, however, we offer tailor-made service the tenants of all ages in homes managed by us for a more relaxed living.” The idea is not met and conversed Jana Schlegel and their competitors to the ComfortManager. The family friend KG has years of experience with offers to improve compatibility of work and family and offers a powerful incoming-service employers with their family pilot (, E.g.

the absolutely stress-free move by Organized professionals – including finding accommodation, arranging viewing appointments and all authorities -. “We use the know-how it collected at the Comfortmanager in cooperation with selected owners, economically more residential quality to help tenants.” Company Description specializes the family friend KG founded on the 3.5.2006, about family friend KG services around the family. It assists parents in the sometimes difficult task of profession, bring family and leisure together in harmony. Secondly, it offers “helping hands” and the certainty of having already tested local services, so that customers will experience no disappointment. Find the right activities for grandparents, the application form for housing benefits or training, the point of contact for the Pfegekasse search or researching financial aid there are lots of questions and problems around the theme of family. The family friend KG focuses on “work-life-balance”, the reconciliation of professional and Family businesses.

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