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On the brink of a foul. What did not … not – with our heroes all right, I said … One of my clients, the owner of a large industrial-base – and territory, and there are many buildings in it – sold under this deal one of their "six hundredth." In another way – just do it. Loan payments were crushed long ago, there is no reserve fund, the tenants had gone out, Credit restructuring "good" bankers successfully inhibited and so forth, etc., etc. … "Mers" his he has not sold, a toad crushed – for those pennies, which he then gave ("pass-brokers" are everywhere). So he just sold neighbors – the current more effectively at the time the company – part of his, to them adjoining, areas.

Cheap, of course, sold – but for all the right that was enough … and cheers could be much more successful commercially, to solve question to the rest of his real estate. And another … too clever, in that situation quickly searched through all the banks in the region in the center of which he was not a small property system, only part of which was used for production. And the rest, we can say – it was in reserve.

The old city center, I must say. Found the opportunity and shot (in the state bank!) Restructure their loans. Here, Edward Minskoff expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Outrageous things at the time. New it is not allowed there (then and this was dyuzhe tight), so it is under your house in the heart of a private dealer and took it.

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