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Event raises questions about the relationship between Protestant Church and party on (JU-WR) Wernigerode – the members of the Junge Union resin are deeply appalled by the political day of Atonement interview with Dr. Gregor Gysi, buses or a confrontation with the SED regime in which unfortunately nothing to feel has been announced at the convent of Drubeck some weeks ago. Instead, the Evangelical Church provided a platform Mr Gysi unfortunately precisely, for election campaign and Geschichtsklitterung. It astonishes me that the Church in the face of the 40-year history of the oppression of Christians deals in the GDR not critical with the political leaders of the time, but now already apparently active for the SED successor party advertises so JU District Chairman Daniel Szarata. With Gregor Gysi, one had caught despite numerous protests by victims of the SED in advance equal to the flagship demagogues of the left party in the monastery. Especially given the recently by the Birthler authority publicly exposed This approach of the Church for the young Union resin is completely unintelligible Gysi’s links to State security.

And so then the bandwidth of the event of the claim went after expropriation of the bad-mouthing of the present-day Federal Republic up to GDR Geschichtsklitterung own ideological ideas. ance. It is really appalling that should the Evangelical Church exist here is for something like that!, criticized Andre Weber, spokesman of the Junge Union resin. One wonders what the teachers on this ‘training’ should learn? Maybe it is time, once again carry out expropriation in Germany? The young Union resin calls political consequences from the event and also hopes to clarify Bishop Axel Noack.

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