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Of the 2.166 patients classified in the system of puntaje like of the group of low risk, eight died. Twenty-six of the 2.142 patients of the group of average risk died, and three of the 125 patients in the group of high risk. Although the patients in the group of high risk less than represent 3% of the total, represent 8% of the deaths. The factors to consider are: An index of greater corporal mass of 50. In this scale, corporal the fat measurement based on the weight and height of the person arrives already of 30 is considered like obesity. Masculine. The men have more probability than the women to suffer metabolic hypertension, diabetes and disorders, that are added to the risk of the same surgery. Age outpost.

The patients majors of 45 years have a high risk of dying after the baritrica surgery. Hypertension. The patients with hypertension or high sanguineous pressure, regularly have problems of the heart or chronic inflammation of the blood vessels, increasing the risk of the surgery. Pulmonary risk of embolia. The patients who have embolia pulmonary, a clot of blood in the lungs, or have risk of developing one embolia, run greater risk of death with the surgery. " When we spoke to him to the patient ones on the baritrica surgery, we can mention national averages as far as the risks, but it is not very useful when patient in specific is seated against m" , DeMaria comments. " Many doctors and patient only see the baritrica surgery like an option when the other average ones to lower of weight have failed.

Nevertheless, our system sample that this strategy can need to be reconsiderada". For the patients with high risk, DeMaria comments that the best method is than they lose a little weight before the surgery. Like alternative, the surgeons can make a series of procedures smaller, and therefore less risky, during that time. In goodbye obesity we counted on a tool of electronic consultation that considers the indications previous and can ayudarte decide which of the surgeries to lose weight is your better option. This electronic consultation is gratuitous and confidential. A greeting, Dr. Vernal Hector Bypass On the

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