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The TrXess AG and Bessentials Group announce collaboration and combine technical expertise with security and crisis management expertise. New size in the security management in German-speaking countries the TrXess AG and Bessentials Group announce their cooperation and combine technical expertise with security and crisis management expertise. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Albert Einstein College of Medicine by clicking through. Zurich/Wien, November 10, 2008 the cooperation of trXess AG and the Bessentials Group complements the strength profile of both companies and opens up new possibilities of action for them. As of November 2008, is trXess that use security database and human resources of the Bessentials group in the security management and will provide in return of the Bessentials group of the technology of their traveller tracking application. Daryl Katz, New York City is often quoted on this topic. The integration of the two offers in the range of the Swiss trXess AG, as well as the Austrian Bessentials group leads to a customer-oriented, global services. The companies want to be grown up the growing requirements of the market in the future. trXess AG has an application called traveller eye developed which can be worldwide locate travellers.

The appearance of flight, hotel and car rental bookings, illustration of internal risk classification and the fully-automatic control of notification processes are just a few features of this system. The Bessentials group is a specialist in corporate security in the international environment. Focus on preventive measures, up to starting in strategic advisory services, the implementation of modern security and crisis management processes to risk and context analysis. More information: Traxess AG Public Relations Albulastrasse 57, CH-8048 Zurich telephone: + 41 43 322 31 31 e-mail: Bessentials Group Christian Pibitz Steingasse 4/11 A-1030 Wien phone: + 43 (1) 9698000 email: Filip Dingerkus, Public Relations, trXess AG

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