Adventurous Journey

“Brivo flies around the world the Elbe travel” is reading promotion creative art for children in the primary school age children in the primary school age of the literature to read up’s stated goal of Brivo publishing from the Allgau. With the fourth Brivo, the bird his adventures in European climes write letters continues journey “Brivo flies around the world the Elbe journey” after Africa and the North Atlantic the goals of the first two trips were. Brivo again learn a lot on his trip along the Elbe River and is also the children, parents or teachers many suggestions to the joint further research, read or even creative trial and error. Just in time before Christmas, Brivo, funny letter bird from the Weitnauer Brivo Publishing House, stands out on his fourth trip. This time, he had the Elbe as a destination chosen. He travelled it from the source in the Krkonoe mountains to the mouth of Cuxhaven. Again he experienced lots of adventures and misadventures and meets Kim, ornithologists, sailors and various animals. As already in the previous editions is the complete set Balloon and a can of helium spray settled, allowing Brivo actually happen on the journey across the world.

Parents or educators, who would rather forgo a balloon launch, but want to create special moments of reading for their children or students with varied letters, Brivo can flies the Elbe journey around the world”buy as a letter-set with envelopes. Whether with or without balloon, children in the world of reading, to introduce the literature, that’s stated goal of the small publishing house from the Allgau. Children enjoy tremendously if they get their own post, because that has become a rarity in times where even the grannies SMS communicate. The Brivo’s letter in the letter box of the special promotion of reading the creative type. The authors of Hancock and people the voltage in the letters have significantly increased.

Almost everyone ends at this Edition with a Cliffhanger, so a dicey situation, in which the letter bird is. It becomes difficult for the parents so as to bear the impatience of children for previous tours, until the next letter in the letter box. Again, the authors have again included many suggestions for further research, reading and trying out for the children. So is the Elbe River journey, like the predecessor, as a project for school, because teachers will find many starting points to go into topics and to deepen them further. Brivo flies around the world the Elbe travel”is creative reading feed for 7-11 year olds. Available in bookstores and directly from the Publisher.

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