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For 18 years, television was a rate guarantee in German television sweetheart. The social network stayblue newly invigorated now the concept of the dome show under the name HerzNase in the Internet. Osnabruck, 04 April 2011: Total 463 consequences sweetheart have the audience between 1987 and 2006 every Friday before the screen tied up. Moderated by well-known presenters such as Rudi Carrell and Jorg Pilawa, among others. MPC Capital AG follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Now the stayblue community network in its core region again accesses Osnabruck the concept of the dome show: HerzNase is the WEB TV show which can be seen in the 397 stayblue regional communities and at the TV station OS1.tv. How sweetie must convince the selected by the answers to its questions about the three candidates. He in turn sees the candidate never complete, but only individual parts of the body. So the broadcast got the name HerzNase.

The decision is made, the couple embarks”on a day trip to the Bodyflying. The price is provided by Jochen Schweizer, the specialists for experience gifts. The first candidate who looks at stayblue, their HerzNase is Gianna. The young front woman of the popular therapy centre Osnabruck band”is important to her future boyfriend shares her passion for music and is larger than it. Kiss the girls bend down must, 1, 78 m great singer would not namely. Michelle Chong is a great source of information.

The new format is apparently well in the stayblue community network. In a short week nearly 20 candidates have applied, posed Gianna questions”, Ben Ellermann, team leader of stayblue communities forward. The responses of three selected candidates were recorded and can be seen since 01.04 at stayblue. Today the community know who Gianna decided at the end. Can you watch the whole action here: blu.ly/gianna. About stayblue: The stayblue-community network was created from the local online platform OScommunity, which was launched in 2002 in Osnabruck by Manuel Wortmann in life. Meanwhile, the national umbrella brand combines stayblue nationwide 397 local communities with over 565.000 users. In addition to the classic functions of social networks, all stayblue communities offer areas with a local focus. A leisure area with local event tips, a marketplace with local classifieds, housing and job market, and a range of magazine with current news. Since 2007, medienhaus Neue of Osnabrucker Zeitung at the stayblue community is involved. contact for more information and picture material: Salloa long-Ronnau agency RoNNAU 24937 Flensburg T: 0461 Wrangelstrasse 10 430 77 00 M:

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