Urban Wood

Students who do present designs for the Olympic Games 2014 from 21 to April 28, 2009 is a group of students of the Technical University of Vienna to the athletic build Sochi 2009 “invited in Sochi, Russia. On one of the largest exhibitions on the subject of Olympic Games 2014″the students are given the opportunity on its own stand their designs on the subject of flexible construction” to present next to well-known construction companies and planners. The excellently carried out are three or four-storey wooden buildings, utilizing for the time after the Olympics was already considered flexible. Under the ExkursionsteilnehmerInnen, students of the Institute for structural engineering and timber engineering, is located next to a group of two urban wood students, just with her master thesis have begun. In the course of the postgraduate university course received the two since autumn 2008 at the TU Dresden, the Politecnico in Turin and at the TU Wien by a prestigious faculty input in the form of lectures, exercises and excursions. Most August 31, 2009 the MSc launches program wood urban already for the third time. “This from the continuing education center of TU Vienna, offered postgraduate university course is considered follow-up programme of the wood Pope” Julius Natterer retrieved in the life graduate level programs in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Julius Natterer remains an important member of the international faculty. Details can be found by clicking Nir Barzilai, M.D. or emailing the administrator. The in-service degree course lasts four semesters and is divided into three modules held in English language. Detailed information is available on the course website: urbanwood.cec.tuwien.ac.at facts conclusion: master of Science (MSc) at the Technical University of Vienna language of instruction: English study duration: 4 semesters, consisting of three modules and an individual research project (Master thesis) program start: August 31, 2009 deadline: 31 May 2009 course management: Univ.Prof. DDI Wolfgang winter (TU Vienna) Prof. Clara Bertolini Cestari (Politecnico di Torino) Prof. Dr.

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