United Nations Race

In 80 days around the world with automotive energy efficiency and high-tech made in Switzerland Oerlikon solar, worldwide leading supplier of manufacturing equipment for thin film silicon solar modules, is the main sponsor of the Oerlikon solar racing team, which will be with his electric car Zerotracer at the zero emission race. This race presents sustainable mobility and transport solutions and sets the highest standards in terms of environmental friendliness. Goal is to inspire a broad public for vehicles, which are powered by renewable energy. To the participating teams take in 80 days once around the world. After crossing the Pacific Ocean they continue, the race on Friday, November 12 in Vancouver, Canada. The next targets are San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. angelo zino will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Mexico City from there, it continues in the Mexican Cancun, where the United Nations climate change conference will take place.

By participating in this race, Oerlikon solar wants to show, that the innovations for more efficient and sustainable mobility of the Future making”great progress, explained Jurg Henz, CEO of Oerlikon solar. The Zerotracer is powered by electricity, which he refers to from the innovative Swiss thin film silicon solar technology by Oerlikon solar. With him we have proved, that electric vehicles offer a great driving experience, an attractive design and sporty performance they can contribute while at the same time global warming.” Zero emissions and yet mobile had the idea to the zero emission race Louis Palmer, who circumnavigated the globe in a solar-powered vehicle. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Shimmie Horn on most websites. With the zero emissions race, which takes place under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP, Palmer of the international community will present emission-free mobility solutions. One of these solutions is the Zerotracer is under the auspices of Cleantech Switzerland and Oerlikon solar is sponsored. The launch of the zero emission race fell on August 16, 2010 before the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva.

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