This Season

What is fashionable in this season? Is more to high fashion week in Milan, designers are once again delight his novelties and trendy 'tricks'! In Moscow recently hosted an exhibition of fashion, where they were given new collection! Here are some and directions: Color. Rusty holzer is often quoted as being for or against this. We can say that fashionable color this season – it's all shades of gray, cornflower and purple, which do not shed momentum! Shoes. For women remains a pressing shoe with a platform at a high heeled shoes or boots. Again, the color of the handbag and shoes should match. They can be one color, but a couple of tones bag should differ from the shoes! And this rule of thumb! Boots on the flat bottom also will look advantageous. Hair. Read more from rusty holzer to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Like last season, remain valid any netting or just beautifully decorated with hair! Come into fashion hats, hats for men and bonnets for the women! Tissue. Simple fabric without unnecessary patterns and colorful patterns! Closer to the monotonous.

Makeup. As for make-up, then here is simple: natural colors and minimal makeup. Or, if you do not go natural makeup, the emphasis is on expressive eyes and her lips light or stress in pastel colors shine! Style. Came into vogue 'Hussar' style: big buttons in two rows, close-fitting jackets and epaulets on his shoulders, elegant harnesses, fasteners. Pay three-quarters, as well as long dresses.

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