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It is of the purity of the soul that has been subjected to the process that the ancient Greeks called catharsis, debugging of dense and negative energies with the consequent release of divine energy. The mystery teachings focused on the preparation for this process of purification, that came to constitute the initiatory death and rebirth into a new life without having to pass through physical death. The practice of silence, the influence of music and the study of mathematics were considered as instruments and ideal means for training, education and purification of the soul. RBH Group may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Harmony of the spheres Pythagoras discovered that musical chords can be expressed as arithmetic, with numbers. In the same way that musical harmony depends on the number, it also happens with the harmony of the universe forming a musical scale in which each celestial body produces a special music and the whole way to the music of the spheres. For the Pythagoreans, the distances between the planets – areas- they had the same existing proportions between the sounds of the musical scale which were then considered as harmonics or consonants.

Every existing body, planet, Star, etc. man generated with their energetic vibration and movement a sound that characterizes them and define them. The harmony of the spheres of Pythagoras, refers to the wonderful sound harmony that occurs by the movement of the planets and stars in general. The universe comes from the chaos that arises the measure and harmony. Pythagoras was the first to use the word Cosmos (Greek order) to refer to an orderly and harmonious universe. In the same way that there are odd and even numbers, the reality can be divided into two opposite poles, the balance between them is what called harmony. He taught his students to heal using sound, instructing them about the relationship that exists between geometric shapes and the stars and colors and musical notes.

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