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The excess energy can be used for electric cars and bike. By the same author: Albert Einstein College of Medicine . Thus, a largely independent of the electricity suppliers is enabled and uses primarily renewable energy. The State of the art plus energy House is designed and thus also eligible by the KfW in the standard as Energieeinsparverordnung 55. When planning, the House construction company Hanlo paid attention especially on the reduction of thermal bridges to reduce energy losses. Wall, doors, roof and window was voted on the House construction partner on an energetically efficient overall approach. Tribute to 165 “living space offers a cubic form with flat roof and around 165 m. A detailed overview of more home provider and the January issue of the regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg offers information and news for house construction in Berlin and Brandenburg. Regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg is available in any well-stocked store of magazine and also on the Internet.

You real estate journal more info can be found in the regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg and. The regional real estate journal Berlin & Brandenburg. Many real estate listings from the region of Berlin & Brandenburg can be found in ad magazine published each month.

The display part is supplemented by some interesting editorial content from the regional real estate industry and many information about the construction of the House. If you rather prefer the contemporary search for information over the Internet, is journal Berlin; Brandenburg in our portal with regional real estate find. There is available the regional real estate Berlin; Brandenburg as the online magazine journal. Also, Advisor Berlin & Brandenburg appear once a year on the model house leader Berlin & Brandenburg, as well as real estate.

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