The Release

This hormone initially was discovered in the intestine. In the brain of birds, the VIP acts in the release of pituitary prolactina for the previous one. The immunization of turkey hens with VIP to neutralize endogenous VIP results in reduction in the levels of prolactina and the incidence of hatching and the increase of the egg production (HISSES; GUIMARES, 2008). The other hormone produced for the pituitary one is the FSH. The FSH can stimulate the hormone production esterides for the cells of folculo in development, particularly of the lesser folculos (JOHNSON, 1993). The FSH also is produced by gonadotrofos, but little it is known if the LH and the FSH are produced by the same or different gonadotrofos. Ovulao and oviposioO ovulatrio cycle is regulated by two independent systems and without sincronia. The small folculos (70%) of the tubular region extra-testicular is composed for the eferentes ductos, being thus ducto of epiddimo proportionally lesser and without the proper subdivises (head, body, tail) and functions to this ducto in the mammals.

This characteristic suggests that in the birds the eferentes ductos represent one component of bigger importance of this region that ducto of epiddimo, justifying the denomination of epididimria region to the set of straight tbulos, connections and ducto of epiddimo, as form to differentiate it of epiddimo of the mammals (HISSES; GUIMARES, 2008). The eferentes ductos, in all the species, have for basic functions the reabsoro of fluid, proteinic secretion, concentration and espermtico transport. In contrast the mammals, the spermatozoon of the rooster does not need maturation in epiddimo or proportionate for the secretion of attached glands (which does not make use), nor of qualification in the treatment of the female to get fertilizing capacity, however it needs to pass for all the extension of the masculine treatment to get motilidade enough to cross the vagina and to reach the storing glands of sperm directly or vulo. .

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