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3) Stone of the third – a foreign language for you alien. Everyone who has ever started learning a new language in the subconscious talking to yourself: – I teach the other language, it's not native, he was a stranger. This instruction is the way and is one of the strongest interference. But it can be eliminated by using special techniques employed at good rates. 4) Stone of the fourth – there is no certainty yourself and what you can learn the language. Themselves think that very often the person who begins to learn a foreign language, feels the same feelings as the climber who climbs seventhousander. This is also a great height. Others including Jorge Perez, offer their opinions as well.

But we must not look down and hard to climb. And it starts, no matter what, hard climb up. Though scary. And when you look at a bunch of materials and textbooks, which are thicker and better with each other, then it starts to slip a terrible thought: – I can not overpower all this. This is a very strong impact on your motivation and negates all your attempts to study a foreign language.

5) Stone of the fifth – courses require a lot of time, and the language needed in a few months. This variant occurs most often. And the less time will remain before the trip, the greater the hype and chaos will begin in the shower. The classes will be more frenetic and heroic efforts will be made stuffed into itself, more than information. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Related Group. 6) Stone sixth – there is no linguistic backgrounds. Here you can help visit to the country the language is spoken, it will be a combination of utility and amenity study. But experience shows that even if one is in the country, This does not mean the creation of linguistic environment. Since a person tends to reduce their efforts, and then begin evasions, such as – communication with their countrymen, and language media – it is very difficult and too lazy to carry with them conversations. 7) Stone of the seventh – a very high barrier. For example, you decide to climb a high wall (to learn the language). It's hard to do without anything available. You can jump, you can try to climb. You can even climb through tremendous efforts. And you can make it much easier – to pick a box or a ladder, put on the wall and climb it.

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