The Masses

Pronunciation was removed – a bunch of not working. At the head of porridge. Admit it, there's all the same mess? But with this mess we are to continue to work. And yet – praise yourself for valiant work, you do deserve a rest. Once you read want a different way, to quickly, then you will understand more. It is neither better nor worse.

It is just different. We must find him, to accept and get used to it. Well, actually it is already knocking at the door of your heart (the door to the materialists of the brain). So now open the door wider, and … By the way, if a bunch of: said – presented – due to the fact that I know will not "presented" or "connected with the fact that I know," the effect will be like – all the same mess. For example, read, read, and imagine what is written can not. Most likely, you'll re-read the text as long as no representatives.

There is a catch: what if the text really did not make sense, but so clever set of proposals (from in terms of commonplace erudition, every individual …) and you realize it …? It happens everywhere. Especially in the texts of philosophy. Everyone understands their own, but if you take the average opinion is nil. For these books There are credible critics of understanding from generation to generation by word of mouth. Therefore, in practice there is no zero. So control the masses.

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