The Hanging Gardens

Statues of Hindu gods carved on the walls of caves in Elephanta, will tell you their ancient history. This famous island where the road tour every now and then run across the shoals of monkeys, separated from Bombay and a short pleasant trip on the water. Leaving the town magnates shopping, skyscrapers and film stars, get ready for perfect impressions of another kind. * Bombay – Gateway of India – India travel guide in this thriving modern city with skyscrapers, shopping and colorful street life force energetic acts of creation. Intense rhythm is felt in all the businessmen in a hurry work, scurry cars, fisherwoman, dressed in colorful saris and "tiffinvalla" in a hurry to deliver lunch to the metal cruets to the offices directly from the home kitchen. After relaxing on Chowpatty beach, sipping refreshing milk straight from the green coconut, you will realize that they are ready to fall in love Bombay. It's time to visit the elegant world-famous hotel "Taj Mahal" to try something there of the many tasty drinks and snacks, while observing Thus for ships in the harbor, over which the sun sets. In the luxury and quiet hotel room can not leisurely to plan excursions. Attractions – The Hanging Gardens next to the Tower of Silence, one of the best India Mahalaksi racetrack, where you will have a chance to win a million. It is necessary to take on the day visiting the famous Bombay cinema, where you may be able to chat with anyone from the stars.

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