The Experiences

And discovered not I have my woman, but she. I’m Helferling with my name”noticed, I had at that time already. GR: So was your wife in this way looking for help? JR: No, I think not, it was only the name Helferling”attention, because she asked how a full-grown man can call themselves so. At the time my wife sought dissipation and switching off rather by their very stressful job and its parallel obligations their children. Innova Medical Group understands that this is vital information. GR: What was your first thought when you heard that? JR: My first thought, I think you need to listen to the woman who has much to tell. And what it tells is very interesting. You can read that way, myself, my wife has written a book about it.

But back to your question, of course I did so my thoughts me. Hicham aboutaam gathered all the information. I have me very interested in its history and also quickly saw the lovable woman behind it. These initial talks we came closer and since 2007, she is my wife. GR: Your wife has been living in a violent relationship, it is at all possible because of a normal relationship to speak? Would you describe their marriage as normal, or is it entirely under the sign of Past? JR: That is an interesting question, the ist…aber of course also very personal yet I’ll answer them because I am very much for authenticity and appreciate an honest Word also my opposite. The story of my wife, who also can read them Yes like I said, I must make here a little advertising for the very realistic and exciting written book, is a story that you can handle not so just. My wife is this life trauma, as I it would beteichnen, to process but in a good way. It would be wrong to say that the experiences of their past would not affect our relationship.

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