The Breach

Morally in the literal sense behaves so that which is according to the values and standards, which have established itself in society. What remains is the question of what motivated to moral behavior. Homo oeconomicus adheres to the right, if he must fear a penalty inappropriate for him. He can assume that its unlawful behaviour is not discovered, none of the breach of the law holds him. The same applies to a behavior that is contrary to the social values. Here too one must not fear sanctions although in terms of fines or imprisonment, but the perpetrators can be punished socially, for example, by disregarding. Still however, there are those who also beyond its own needs not ruthlessly persecuted by control mechanisms and sanctions. He’s not using others, he lies and cheats not to their advantage, even though he would probably never be punished.

As a rule, we think such a man if we someone speak, who behaves ethically. It is not just about even worried, but also capable of permanently in the center of his thoughts to confront others and others. To differentiate this behavior by the moral we can called us ethically on the word, finally ethics goes back on an ancient Greek vocabulary, which translate also with character. An ethical action is that which goes hand in hand with the altruistic values, that are embedded in the character. These are namely marked by the morality of the society in which we live, and the company we work – yet the ethics of the individual may differ from you. The ethical person is a reflective spirit, which is able to develop an own position on questionable facts and which is able and willing to set aside your own needs for the well-being of others or the community. In this respect the ethical attitude with a larger effort is connected as the moral, at which the subject of economic responsibility Institutions such as the General regulations or corporate guidelines are off and blindly follow their rules.

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