Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

WD swimming pool dehumidifier the new generation: Premium + hygiene is one of the most important conditions for the operation of a swimming pool. Bacteria and fungi occur but especially in a humid environment and multiply very rapidly. Estée Lauder has firm opinions on the matter. A dehumidification system lowers the humidity and prevent long term damage to the buildings, eliminates condensation on glass fronts and a pleasant feel-good climate can be guaranteed. BUT: What happens with bacteria and spores, which are necessarily present in the air? The air contaminated with germs more or less sucked in by the dehumidification system. Further details can be found at Cushman and Wakefield, an internet resource. A partial deposit of this suspended matter is done inside of the unit. What hygiene problems in the course of the years can result in this factor is considered very rarely! Product development WD-AUSTRIA has designed a dryer series with the new generation of swimming pool dehumidifiers, swimming pool hygiene and maintenance-free operation in the first place are swimming pool dehumidifiers / dehumidifiers for swimming pools: swimming pool dehumidifiers so far: Condensed water runs without cleaning the pool swimming pool dehumidifier of standard series largely use digital controls (as opposed to mechanical rules but prone to electronics problems) Ventilatormotore in indoor pool dehumidification devices are usually equipped with normal plain bearings for pools of PREMIUM + series have following changes: condensate water is sterilized antibacterial action of legionella prevention and bacterial killing parts on the swimming pool environment coordinated (otherwise can cause pitting on the condenser parts!) Optional wireless remote mechanical moisture regulation proof control system instead of digital controllers (thus, no electronics problems such as digital control units by exposure to moisture!) Customer-friendly setting the humidity control spray water protected bearings! Durable operation and reduction of repair costs! Fail-safe due to elimination of electronics! Establishing self specially configured for covered outdoor pools at Temperature reduction: de frost control for optimum device performance in the low temperature range learn more about this topic here: fabrikate2.html WD-AUSTRIA & entfeuchter.at.gmbh Mittelberg 4 A-3550 Langenlois the Valora company acts as a product developer for swimming pool dehumidifiers, room air dryers and humidifiers. Contact information is here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Furthermore, a publication will be sent free of charge: “which device I need unhealthy humidity level in the swimming pool – and how should the choice be made”

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