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It has been policy of the State at all levels, not awaken the general interest of the population on the issue to avoid panic in the event of any seismic movements. This great metropolis inhabit seven million people (year 2000) and it is industrial, commercial and Student Center because of the large number of schools, colleges and universities existing. The threats and risks in the capital of the Republic by factors related to potential earthquakes should be taken into account during the urban planning in order to define and turn on real policies. For that reason, it was important to investigate the existing regulations and responsibility concerning the bodies responsible for planning in this aspect. In addition to planning agencies, they should know and exercise control those entities whose mission is to care for the environment, care and prevention of disasters, public services and related. Disasters like the from gunsmith, Popayan, the Region of the Paez in cauca and Armenia, to quote no more than four, left serious after-effects that definitively have influenced regional and national socio-economic development. The conclusions of the evaluation after these events point to the lack of planning in prevention and disaster relief. These experiences force us to think seriously about what may represent for the inhabitants of Bogota a surprise earthquake and its consequences if appropriate measures with respect to urban planning against the risk of greater intensity earthquakes are not taken into account. Against that risk of earthquakes, for example, the physical vulnerability translates, first, on the location of the community in suburban active geological faults, and second, in the absence of earthquake-resistant structure in buildings (WILCHES: 1989). Of the seven wonders of the ancient world, two of them, the Colossus of Rhodes in the 225 year after Christ and the lighthouse of Alexandria toward the year 800, were destroyed by violent earthquakes (ramirez:1957).

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