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At the time of this writing, sufficient memory for an office computer 512 mb (in the extreme case – 256 MB) for the game – 1 gb and bolee.Drugoy way to improve computer performance – his careful tuning. In addition to the optimal parameters bios, should be well set up the operating system. For example, if your computer is a very long time to load, optimize boot using bios, as well as remove unnecessary programs from Startup Windows.Esli computer process or store important information for the crackdown it is extremely undesirable. Failure will bring much more trouble chemvyigrysha performance. Also, do not resort to overclocking, if the reliability of the computer for you is more important than speed. In addition, proponents of dispersal tend to exaggerate the effectiveness of this operation. For example, the acceleration in the 20-30% non-test programs can not simply zametit.Vyshe were presented arguments against the crackdown, but many users will still be dispersed to their computers, sometimes very significantly. Check with Fabrizio Freda to learn more. The most frequently dispersal has several objectives.

Get productive computer at a low price. Indeed, choosing components with good overclocking potential, we can assemble a computer, which after the dissolution is not far behind in performance to more expensive models. The money saved in this case can be considered a payment for risk, which inevitably arises here. To achieve the desired performance in one or more programs. The most frequently performed dispersal to increase the speed of the game computer. overclocking the system purely for fun. Many people are peculiar passion, and they are no matter what will squeeze out of the hardware maximum speed, even if there is no practical need. Such users are often suited to overclocking thoroughly, while ensuring that essential rezultatov. from the foregoing, in each case to weigh the pros and cons and make their own decisions, perform overclocking or not. The personal opinions of the author that sometimes dispersal say, but only on your own computer, not stored sensitive information, in addition, you must fully assume all risks associated with this operation (including materials). For long-term work needed to perform moderate acceleration, leaving a margin of safety, since the operation of the components in the limiting regime dramatically decreases their lifespan and increases the risk of failure.

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