Sogyal Rinpoche

This wisdom does not belong to any culture or religion, nor comes only from East or West. Rather, it is a tradition of human warriors that have existed in many cultures at various times throughout history. Adds us, that our life is a journey without end; It is a path that extends infinitely in the distance. The practice of meditation allows us to experience all the textures of the road, which is what the journey is about. (the path is the goal) Sogyal Rinpoche on the other hand adds, that there are two special aspects that I believe are of fundamental importance for the future: the need to cultivate a deep appreciation of the teachings and what they really represent and offer us; and the attention that we give to the way that sets the integration of the teachings in the mind and heart of the students holding the contemplation and the practice of detachment, arrived to discover in ourselves something that we can not name, describe or conceptualize, something that, as we begin to perceive, is hidden behind all the changes. When we talk about love, is more the love that we feel for our friends, but not for our enemies.

It is a limited love, while unlimited love comes from a profound reflection. If water is not removed, it will become clear. In the same way, the nature of the mind is such that if we do not disturb it, we manufacture or manipulate with unnecessary thoughts, if same you will find their natural state of peace and well-being death is neither depressing nor exciting, is simply a fact of life. According to the wisdom of the Buddha, we can use our life to prepare for death. We don’t have to wait for the painful death bereavement oblige us examine our lives death is a huge mystery, but in it you can say two things: it is absolutely true that we will die, and is uncertain when and how we die.

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