Of course, the data on request directly delivered the principal. Transparency reduces energy consumption the second module of the collaboration between of the three companies consists of a package of heating thermostat, a data centre and Web portal that users at any time individually regulieren-the radiator of her apartment and can read the current temperature in the rooms and, if necessary, to control by traveling via Smartphone, laptop or Tablet PC. The Internet portal also represents the energy consumption on a daily basis of measurement in graphic processing. In the portal”, explains Markus axe, finds the users for the first time all important data and facts, which he currently still laboriously must find together and then not find.” With only a degree of lower room temperature lowers energy consumption by about six percent. Recent studies also point out that energy consumption can be reduced by the tenants by up to 25 percent, if this the consumption of its heating online can see and adjust accordingly. Asset management and efficient housing decline part 3 of the service package includes a Web application for Tablet PC and Smartphone, as well as the asset management. With the application of housing loss “it is now possible to create the usual transfer protocol with the mobile device, taking into account all existing master data the property owners and managers. So far, this Protocol consisted of a up to titled document, which was then manually processed to transfer the contents into the home base system. Please visit 660 Fifth Ave if you seek more information.

Through the Web application of the new service package this process can run fully automatically, because the DIS-Immoport solution automatically forwards all relevant data to the partner of the real estate industry. Our conservative estimate assumes that per apartment decrease about 30 minutes saved. “, explains Thomas Spindler, CEO of DIS IT-solutions. With a housing stock of 3,000 units, an annual Turnover rate are of 15 percent and a rate of 35 Euro so that each year more than 15,000 euro save.” With the asset management, operators reduce the consumption of the heating system with different measures, ranging from a unique analysis and adjustment of heating to a continuous control by means of computer. The long-term results show that we achieve savings up to 25 percent while”, stresses Markus axe. She read GmbH is a nationwide service provider of supply and real estate industry. The product portfolio of LAS GmbH includes both sectors equally billing and collection services as well as consulting and solution development.

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